Here are 6 Reasons Why Your Website is Empty of Visitors

Here are 6 Reasons Why Your Website is Empty of Visitors


Entering the digital era as it is now, many people have begun to use the website as a promotional medium to attract customers.

Starting with mushroom, the website in the middle of the community itself is certainly able to provide a variety of opportunities & benefits that were previously rare or even difficult to obtain.

Apart from that, unfortunately, not everyone can successfully implement a website as a marketing method. One of them is due to the absence of organic visitors. The lack of traffic on the number of visits to a website is usually motivated by several reasons. For example, such as lack of quality content, server performance is less than optimal, even in the absence of a good management strategy.

Now, so that your website can be free from the curse of empty visitors, in this article, the Team will discuss 6 reasons why your website is empty of visitors. Curious as to what’s the discussion? Come on, let’s watch together

6 Reasons Why Your Website is Lack of Visitors

There are various reasons behind the lack of traffic to a website. Here are 6 points that we think are most relevant and can still be applied by lay users.

1) SEO Optimization Has Not Been Done

SEO optimization does not always have to use god-level techniques. If you are still at the beginner level for business website management, you can start with simple steps like registering a website in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Linking a website to Search Console is very important and should be done right after the website is online. Because Google Search Console can help monitor the performance of our site in the long run. Also, armed with data from Search Console, you can also do keyword optimization, review incoming backlinks, and compare the number of impressions on each keyword.

If your website has a blog page with articles that are regularly updated, then you must be familiar with the console because each article publish must be submitted so that Google can index quickly.

2) Don’t Have Unique and Useful Content

Quality of content is a major factor that can make visitors feel at home for long while continuing to return to the website that we manage. So, if your website doesn’t have many visitors to date, it may be that the content you uploaded is of little use or that not many people need it.

The solution, you can explore more article ideas that are fresher and useful for potential customers. If it’s still difficult, try to discuss with the people closest to you so that your insights develop.

3) Not Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Website appearance is the first impression that will determine how comfortable visitors access your website. While in the era of increasingly rapid technological developments such as mobile devices, now seems to have become a primary item used by everyone.

So, if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, visitors will see websites with irregular or disheveled appearance. You do not want to experience this.

4) Servers Are Often Down

The second reason why your website is still empty is usually due to server-side problems that are often down. In addition to inhibiting penetration into content, as a result of web servers that are often down, this will also affect search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex.

Therefore, always do maintenance regularly to check the performance of the hosting that you use. If indeed hosting at this time is deemed not good, it should immediately move to another Indonesian hosting service that is far more credible and reliable.

We at always pay attention to server reliability points that are distributed to each client. Because once experienced a fatal error, the impact of the loss is very large.

5) Incorrectly Determining Competition Targets

No doubt, targets are the basic points that can determine the success of a business plan. Similarly, by building a website, you certainly have to have a road map of research results using various SEO tools.

Competing on keywords that are searched for is not easy, so you have to be smart in sorting which keywords to target. For websites that still don’t have a lot of visitors, try starting with 4-5 words long-tail keywords. After successfully mastering the first page, then slowly move to higher competition.

4 Tips To Be A Famous Blogger

4 Tips To Be A Famous Blogger


Being a blogger and having a famous blog is indeed a dream for every new blogger, and this activity, if practiced seriously, will also generate extraordinary income.

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, maybe you can try to channel your writing hobby to blog media. Besides, your writing will be read more by visitors from various regions and provide benefits for others, and you might become a famous blogger and have income from the blog.

Nowadays, there are many famous bloggers who often appear and are famous both on television and social media, such as bloggers who have an interest in fashion bloggers, food bloggers, or travel bloggers.

For those of you who dream of wanting to become a famous blogger, now is the time to wake up and read the tips below so that your dream of becoming a famous blogger soon comes true.

5 Tips to Become a Famous Blogger

Here are 5 easy tips you can follow to become a famous blogger, the tips below are just an important but easy part to do. Because the most important and difficult thing to be a successful blogger is to be consistent and never give up.

1) Domain Names

The domain name is the name of your blog, so choose a domain name that is unique and reflects the purpose of your blog. You must select this domain name carefully and carefully because this can be a brand (brand), identity, and also as a reflection of the owner. In addition, you can choose a domain name that has meaning in accordance with your blog niche. Try to use a paid domain name, not free. Domain prices are relatively cheap, only around 100 thousand to 130 thousand per year, with prices that will make your blog seem more serious and professional because it is not a free name.

Blog platform

2) Blog platform

For beginners who are learning to create a blog, you can choose to use a free blog platform like Blogger or WordPress because both of these blog platforms are very popular and easy to use for beginners, though. And with this platform, you can have a blog with an attractive appearance because many free themes or templates you can get easily.

If you are already very proficient at managing blogs, I recommend using WordPress with your own hosting (not free). This will make you have a unique domain name and hosting that you can manage yourself. By using WordPress self-hosted, you can also fully manage your blog with WordPress without limitations. WordPress because it is so popular all over the world, you can easily find tutorials on how to make a website or blog with WordPress spread on the internet, by typing in the WordPress Tutorial keywords, you will find all the tutorials you need.

3) Blog Display

Today many blogs have sprung up, and you can even find hundreds of blogs with the same niche. You can be unique and different from them, apart from writing also from the look of your blog. Try to have a blog with a unique, attractive, and clean design. This will make your readers interested, comfortable, and feel like they will always come back to revisit your blog.

Do not forget to also beautify your blog with attractive images, because even though your blog’s design is clean, it is supported by photographs on interesting content that makes your blog look good to look at. The appearance of a good blog will also make its own impression for your visitors, besides they are interested in the contents of your blog content, they can also be interested because of the pleasant appearance of the blog.

4) Social Media

You can use social media to attract visitors to your blog, please share all of your content on social media and don’t forget to always be active on social media. Besides being able to increase traffic to blogs, with social media, you can become a famous blogger faster than you don’t use social media. Many social media can help you become a famous blogger that you can use, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social media.

And the latest now is to have a channel on YouTube, and you can make videos related to your blog and actively make interesting video content so that you have a lot of followers and loyal, in addition to being a famous blogger, you will also become a famous YouTuber and get income from various sources.

How to Make Money from a Travel Blog

How to Make Money from a Travel Blog


On the internet today, you can find various blogs.

You are starting from lifestyle blogs to travel blogs. In addition, blogs today are not just someone’s diary in the online world. You can also get people from writing a blog.

Surely many of you have read travel blogs. Maybe you think how these travel bloggers can travel to various locations in one year and only get income from their blogs? Do travel bloggers get that much money so they can go for a walk almost every day? Well, in this article, we will discuss how you can get money from travel blogs.

Each travel blogger has a different way of getting income. The blogging industry itself does not have a uniform way of working. Every blogger has a way to make money. Usually, bloggers see the skills they can offer to readers.

Ways to Make Money from a Travel Blog

Before we start discussing ways, there is one piece of advice that is always given by full-time bloggers to people who are just starting to monetize their blogs:

Do not expect you will immediately get a large income. Blogging requires time and patience to be successful.

1) Become a Freelance Writer

As mentioned above, to make money from blogs, you must look for any of the skills that you can offer to readers. Most bloggers certainly have writing skills. Therefore, a freelance writer is a job that you can do to support your travel blog.

Most travel bloggers write for online publications, and you will get paid for each of your writing. Also, if you have your own travel blog, publications will be more interested in choosing you as their freelance writer because you have your own audience and can help promote these publications.

By writing for other publications, you can also build your portfolio. This can help you to get paid more with your audience and portfolio reach as consideration.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer who focuses on the topic of traveling, you can use Lonely Planet Pathfinder to start and find an audience for your blog.

Advertising on Your Blog

2) Advertising on Your Blog

You must have seen the ads on the blog, right? Well, advertising on a blog is one-way travel bloggers get income. Before you put advertising on your blog, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

If you want to start placing ads on your blog, you must have a self-hosted website. If you create a free blog on, you can’t install ads unless you use their internal AdWords system. So it’s a good idea to make your own WordPress website.

One of the tools that you can use to install ads on your blog is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, you can earn money without you having to bother choosing what ads you want to install. AdSense works by utilizing targeted advertising in the form of text, images, videos, and interactive advertisements related to your blog content.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to get passive income that is widely used by bloggers. Indeed, to get income from affiliate marketing, you need website traffic and a blog audience that believes in you.

If you are confused about what form of affiliate marketing, maybe when reading a blog, you’ve seen links that are included by blog authors when recommending something. Usually, the link is an affiliate link, and the blogger will get a commission. To increase the confidence of your audience, you should only recommend products or services that you use, like, and indeed trust.

5 Ways to Choose The Best WordPress Hosting



WordPress is a Content Management System that allows one to create a site without having to master the complicated programming language.

For this reason, not a few people use WordPress to create a website. Most web hosting in Indonesia was developed by WordPress so that not a few are exploring the best WordPress hosting so they can build their site.

If you are digging for the best WordPress hosting, of course, you must know the technique of choosing WordPress hosting which can be said to be best so as not to select the wrong WordPress web hosting. No need to worry and feel complicated because there will be many criteria for web hosting that will make it easier for you to choose good WordPress web hosting.

Here are 5 Criteria for Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting

1. Large Storage Capacity

For what purpose do you create a website? Is it to load blogs and personal stories, use business websites, or use online stores? All these destinations require different storage capacities. The website which is merely to make a daily story will be the opposite of an online store that must save consumer funds.

Therefore, you must listen to the storage capacity of a WordPress web hosting offered. Don’t let your online store not be accessed because you can’t store data from consumers.

2. Server Speed

You don’t want to wait long enough to open a website. Or worse, the site is not accessible. Don’t let the business happen for your website. Therefore, the technique for choosing the best WordPress hosting is to look at the server speed of the WordPress hosting that you prefer.

For example, let’s take a deep look into Capsa Susun Online gaming platform. Many of this kind of sites choose Server Speed above anything else. They need a good server response, good bandwidth and good support from the hosting sites. There are many best hosting provider out there, also use this this preference as their main needs about how to choose WordPress hosting site.

You can see the server speed of the hosting provider from the many information provided by the website of the hosting provider. You can compare one hosting with another. For now, the fastest server is owned by the Kitchen Hosting.

3. Data Security

One of the most critical matters in choosing WordPress hosting is data security. Give a special look to check the peace offered by a web hosting company. You don’t want your customer data or individual data to be picked up by people. Moreover, customer data can trigger legal problems.

Never choose a WordPress hosting as fast as any server and how much data storage from the web hosting, if the security is not maintained.

4. Adequate Services

The best WordPress hosting will certainly give a good service to its customers. You have to choose the best service like a live chat around 24 hours so that if something happens with the website, you can immediately ask for help from the hosting provider.

Many hosting companies have their advantages and disadvantages in this field. One of the best companies in matters of service is Niagahoster, which provides help via live chat, and there are 24 hours each day.

5. Seeing Reputation

Not all web hosting provider companies are reliable, so you have to consider the reputation of a web hosting company that you choose. Choose a web hosting company that has a legitimate business and a specific place. It’s also a good idea to witness recommendations from clients who have collaborated with them.

Choosing the best WordPress hosting will not be difficult if you follow the things above. Data security and reputation are things that indeed must be witnessed while the choice of server speed, storage capacity, and service depends on your needs.

Understanding Jingling and Its Impact on The Development of Your Blog



The number of visits is indeed one of the most dominant affairs of site ranking and growth. Of course, the bigger the visitors, the better the prospects of the website. This later became a proposition for all bloggers to expect their sites to have the most number of visitors.

Not only gives a positive effect on website ranking, but the size of the visit also serves to increase the site’s revenue. In essence, the greater the number of visitors to the web, it also provides not a few benefits for the website both in ranking and income.

But like what is known to get large-scale website traffic is not as easy as thought, because a website must have not a little quality and exciting content: the number can be thousands to tens of thousands of articles. Not to mention listening to the quality of SEO, Backlinks, and so on. This means that a site needs the most prolonged struggle to find the number of visits on a large scale.

Seeing website traffic is among the most important things for the development of blogs, finally not a few bloggers who want to increase their website visitors, but quickly and instantly so they can get income in the fast times as well.

Increasing visitors in short and instant times can indeed be done because there is much successful software created to increase unlimited website traffic. But unfortunately, this technique is included as among the fraudulent actions and has the potential to find sanctions from Google. Software to increase the amount of traffic is often referred to as jingling. Therefore, it is better to understand Jingling and its impact on the site.

Understanding Jingling – What is Jingling?

Jingling was picked up from Chinese, which, in other words, was “jingling.” The word jingling is often used to refer to the sound of falling metal money. But in the world of blogging, the word jingling is digested as one technique to cause visitors that are not small in certain periods, often relatively short. Jingling does not generate organic (human) real traffic but instead brings bot visits (robots) using the system.

The term jingling was first introduced in the world of blogs in 2008, as among web visitor’s auto software from China. You can visit the official jingling software website at Spiritsoft, and Ipts for the English version. Although it is known as Jingling, it seems that this software is even known as “Software traffic spirit” in the world.

And the main benefit of jingling is to manipulate visitors, created by the technique of collecting IP addresses from many countries. The collected IP address is the end used by Jingling software to be a fake web visitor.

Google itself does not allow bloggers to use the technique to increase visits instantly, because Google classifies these actions as among the Black Hat SEO techniques, which can be said to be the most banned by not a few search engines belonging to Google. And often sites that are detected using fraudulent techniques will find sanctions from search engines in the form of being released from the search engine index to the extent that your website will not appear on search engines even though you have typed in specific keywords.

Negative Impacts of Using Jingling

Even though you can use Jingling to add traffic instantly and of course it’s free. But it has been known that the visits obtained by Jingling are not genuine people but instead are a bot (robot). It interprets even though it has large amounts of traffic, but when there is no ongoing interaction from visitors. Suppose there are no comments, there is no reaction to content, and so on, the search engines will suspect that the visitor is spamming.
Using cheating techniques, there must be negative consequences that will be caused. And this is the negative impact of wearing jingling.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Easy to Hack!



It is not a new matter that in Indonesia there are not a few sites that have been hacked or cool languages ​​have been “hacked” by unknown people. From the change in website appearance, DDOS attacks to theft of data contained on the website. Isn’t it horrifying if you hear such site hacking news? Or, has your site ever been a victim? Hmmm, several propositions and matters are not often the point of concentration of hackers in working on hacking. Want to know five arguments why is the website easy to hack? Let’s have the following review.

1) A password is not strong

This is one of the arguments that is very often implemented by the user; the password used is not strong enough. Like a lock and lock, the username and password are access to the main door. Anyone can enter the website when the username and password are known. Likewise with all hackers who can scan passwords or commonly called “brute-force passwords.” The hacker will work on scanning the password according to the existing word list. For that, make sure if no one easily predicts your password. Always use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. There are some ways you can do to increase the strength of your password. Please read the Tips and Tricks for Secure Passwords. Oh yes, besides that, don’t ever use the default username like “admin” or “admin123”.

2) Open Plugins and Themes

Plugins and themes or commonly called site templates do indeed become their charm. In some CMS like WordPress, plugins, and issues are indeed a priority. Plugins are benefits that are created by third parties to beautify the website. There are some plugins that you can install on WordPress sites, and please read the 6 Free Plugins You Must Have! So even with the theme, there are not many free or paid themes/templates circulating in cyberspace. Well, this plugin and argument can be the reason why your website was hacked! For that, make sure you use official plugins and themes, don’t forget always to do updates and not infrequently install plugins!

3) Never been upgraded

Just like plugins and themes, even if the CMS is never updated, it becomes a target for hacker software. Make sure your CMS is either WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla or OpenCart not infrequently in the latest version. Why should your website be upgraded? The CMS developer team often finds bugs or vulnerabilities that can endanger the site, so they release the newest version. Make sure always to do the upgrade when there is the latest version! DomaiNesia has tips for saving your WordPress!

4) Cheap Server

As the primary foundation in the establishment of a website, the server is essential. Both Hosting and VPS have an urgent role in guarding the site against hacker attacks. If the main foundation has been steady and strong, then surely hackers will find it difficult to enter and master everything right? Therefore, make sure your website is stored in hosting that has high specifications and technology. Even hosting must be equipped with more security. Like DomaiNesia, which has CloudFlare and Patchman technology on each server. What is Patchman? How Is Patchman Cracking Out of Malware in Hosting?

5) Lack of Security Awareness

Each person indeed needs awareness of security/security of the website. Both beginners and experienced ones must not often be aware and up to date about the latest malware. Hosting in DomaiNesia is equipped with Patchman technology which will notify some malware or vulnerabilities found on the website. So matters that are targeted by hacker software in attacking sites will be delivered through your email. Indeed there are not a few unfamiliar terms, but what’s wrong with trying to dig up information about the loopholes or malware. What is malware? How can the malware enter the website oak? What is the gap in my site? Etc. For further information, you should not hesitate to contact the DomaiNesia Support Team! We will always help so that your website is safe.

Well, that’s some argument why websites are easy to hack! Always make sure that your password is unpredictable; don’t use themes and plugins carelessly, still, do upgrades and choose the best hosting! There is no harm, and you know the ins and outs of the website, malware, and gaps on the site. With powerful technology like CloudFlare, Patchman, Memcached and combined with SSL, your site will be free from hacker attacks!

7 WordPress Plugins For Analyzing Bad Codes and Website Security Especially in High Niche Competitive Such As Casino



WordPress plugin for analyzing malicious code and peace of website | WordPress, which is increasingly unpopular, has become an easy target for many hackers in all the world.

There are various of the most vulnerable Popular WordPress propositions to be infiltrated.

In the previous article, we discussed 4 causes of exposure to hack sites and their subsequent writing with the title of 15 techniques for securing WordPress blogs from hackers.
Now on this occasion, you will discuss how to check the risky script or code on your WordPress site.

Not all of these hackers are white hat types, but there are also black hats, the second type is classified as evil and not infrequently they insert malicious code or scripts on sites that have been infiltrated can be used easily which can be sent back. Website security become an essential factor especially in high competitive niche such as poker or casino. For example is sports book website in Indonesia namely Agen Bola Deposit 50rb which very concern on the security because they providing official casino game and sports.

Running an infiltrated script or code is not only done by hackers who have successfully entered with the help of direct switching. But it can also cause the error of the owner of the website who installed themes and plugins. Free plugins that are obtained from sites that are not credible; the theme is that premiums are freely distributed on the internet. All can be made inserted into the malicious script that was developed to create our loss-making website.

WordPress Plugins For Analyzing Bad Codes

Now, to reduce the things that are not expected, you need to do before checking your site. Are there risky scripts or not in them.

Here is a contribution to the WordPress plugin that you can use to do this.

1) Theme Authenticity Examiner (TAC)

Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) is the first plugin that needs to be attempted to check risk codes for the themes we use.
TAC is best because this plugin handles attachments to Base64 and hidden links in the footer, locations where it contains risky code inserted.

If this plugin successfully changes the malicious code, then he will send a report to you so that further action can be taken to save the website.

2) Security of Sucuri

Sucuri Security uses a sophisticated plugin but only can scan your WordPress installation and submit you a detailed report. This plugin also offers a firewall to protect the site against external protection.

3) AntiVirus for WordPress

Computer users usually install anti-virus on their computers, not only desktop computers but tablets and cellphones too. But what about WordPress websites?

WordPress also has AntiVirus which contains plugins that you can use. This will check our site from risky code and at the same time set it up.

Arrangements can also be made for daily scanning. Download Antivirus for WordPress here.

4) Exploitation Scanner

Exploit Scanner is one of the best WordPress plugins for security issues. This plugin scans all parts of WordPress to protect potential and complain about it.

This plugin must approve the only disadvantage of the plugin that offers only reporting and you. This plugin can help you fund you have security expertise on our side or if you understand it can also be overcome with your skills yourself. Informants can only say this plugin.

5) WordFence Security

Security WordFence is a favorite security plugin for many WordPress users. The reason is this plugin is complete, and we don’t need to look at other plugins. This plugin also sends us direct emails about risky activities or updates that occur.
This login is approved and completed. Send an email when the administrator enters the website.

This plugin is free of charge. They also offer more complete features if you want to pay.

6) Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI

WordPress Anti-Malware is a plugin that utilizes protection, viruses, risky things explicitly in your WordPress installation.
This plugin offers so many types of scanning for your WordPress site that it will scan a whole, scan several and no more.

Besides, this plugin also offers automatic removal of challenges and helps you escort our website in prime challenges. This is done by scanning the backdoor/backdoor script.

7) Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is an exclusive WordPress plugin that handles maintenance issues from all risky activities on your web site. This plugin is a pretty good tool for detecting malware, external links, signatures, and patterns. This is based on cloud technology and also offers a blacklist position to the point that you can check what is blocked.

After the scan, we will be submitted a detailed investigation report, loaded with information needed to make you up to date on your site’s problems. This plugin is free to use.

The Function of Blogs to Build Business Credibility



The function of a blog is to foster online business credibility.

Blogs are one of the conveniences to support a business, but not a few people are aware of the industry, because most are still not a few who view blogs as just an online book to record diaries.

A blog is a type of website, and blogs are often updated content regularly, containing material in reverse chronological order and allowing readers to interact by submitting comments to a post.

Some examples of the success of a blog that has the most significant achievements at that time are Mashable, HuffingtonPost, and TechCrunch.

For the characteristics we have mentioned, blogs tend to be interesting concerning appearance and presentation of articles, not a few visitors, and that is why blogs are made a perfect place to promote online businesses and websites.

Build a blog to foster trust

Often a business is related to credibility. If we have a credible product and brand, then the customer will be easy to trust and do business with us, not even reluctant to buy your products.

But if you don’t have a blog, maybe the customer will visit your competition, even though our product is superior in quality compared to the competitor. However, because of the lack of superior belief, it becomes unattractive on the day, and the end of the product is not attractive enough.

Therefore increasing your online business credibility must be a necessity, and in this article Journal will provide many ways you can do that with your blog.

  • Show your skills

Customers naturally want to buy something from a company that understands what they are doing, and by having a blog, you will be able to show that. You can write articles on many topics, technical and vice versa, demonstrate your knowledge and areas of expertise with the blog.

  • Interacting with clients

Clients who already know your skills will trust you more when they can communicate with you, and the blog allows that business. They all clients can mention comments, ask each other questions in the comments column, but it is also possible for them to interact through contact form copies, where they can send messages personally to you. Don’t be reluctant and lazy to answer their comments, only with that technique can customers be loyal to you.

  • Teach your clients

One of the best techniques for selling is by teaching. For example, we sell a lot of devices or computer tools. So creating a series of articles that teach how to build computers from the start will be the most brilliant technique to get your customers’ hearts, build credibility and find more customers, all of them can run simultaneously.

  • Get recommendations from others

If you create an article that is the most brilliant, useful or useful for others. So living in wait for some time, blogs or other sites will mention something on their blog, and they will automatically recommend our blog even though we never invite or ask them. That is one additional advantage of a quality article.

Not only get a promotion on their blog, but your article might also be shared on their social media pages, so all their friends will watch your post. Such is the strength of a good article. It will also lead to good results.

7 Tips on How to Become a Professional Blogger Reviewing Online Casino



In the internet age, the growth of the world of blogs has become increasingly popular among internet users.

You can find lots of exciting and unique content in many blog platforms such as fashion, traveling, culinary, technology, and still more in the weird language style of all bloggers.

But you know, that being a blogger is not easy. For just creating a blog page and filling it with stories, I am sure all people certainly can. But guarding the consistency and existence of a blog needs the most significant effort for a blogger.

Being a blogger is not just writing, editing photos, then publicizing them, more than those different things must be ignored until they are called professional bloggers. For those of you who are curious about how the method becomes a professional blogger, see the tips as follows:

7 Tips on How to Become a Professional Blogger Reviewing Online Casino

The tips I wrote here are individual experiences while being a blogger since 2014. Back then, I was offered to do a review about casino life in Asia, which are the top 5 agent based on Customer Experience, Products Variation and Loyalty Program. I didn’t write that when I was a professional blogger with cool things, but I just wanted to share that the professional I was describing was about blogger attitude.

1) Determine your Blog Theme

Whatever platform you use when it’s either Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr or other, significant business in building a blog is the theme. Think about what topics you are interested in reading your visitors to. Traveling, Culinary, Culture, Technology or others, choose one of them.

Once selected, focus on developing your writing ideas. Even better if you specify on one target reader so that every article you make can hit the right target. As much as possible avoid the mixed themes or the term ‘hodgepodge.’ Start building your blog with creativity.

If you want to become a professional blogger who reviews related to Online Casino, then the theme you make must be about online casino. Like you discuss card games like what is an Online Casino, the types of games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and of course Strategy to Play.

2) Your Blog Your Identity

Try to make the name of the blog as unique as possible to cause people who read it become curious and interested in opening your blog. If you have trouble getting the idea of a unique name, try tucking your name in the blog address. The more interesting the domain address is often the faster the traffic of visitors to the blog. The name of the blog is also branding for the blogger himself.

3) Article Writing Routine

Content is king, that’s the business that bloggers must ignore. And the best material is routinely written. It’s better to take notes once a week than to record ten posts but 1 or 2 months immediately write vacuum. You don’t want your visitor’s visit to go down, and your reader moves to another blog.

4) Share To Social Media

Social media links do star in an essential role for the progress of a blogger. Not only as a medium for sharing information but also as a medium of interaction between bloggers and readers so that they can attract visitors from anywhere. So you should not forget to continue to be active on social media to introduce your blog.

5) Diligently Blogwalking

If you like writing, then just taking notes won’t make your blog famous. You also have to be diligent to explore the blogger community, then visit their blogs. Don’t forget to leave a comment, because through comments you can also insert your website address that can be attended by other bloggers.

6) Keep Honesty

Not a few jobs are blogging into a large endorsement business field. Through review can make listening more aware of the latest products. If you are one of them, then avoid speaking lies. If indeed you don’t like the product, then say honestly. This is of course also to guard the reputation of your blog in the eyes of your loyal readers.

7) Create Your True Own Style

If you like to take notes in a formal language, then stay formal as you want, and vice versa. Avoid changing your story style, for example, from formal to casual, then go back to formal again. Create a form of the article that belongs only to yourself, so that readers can know how you are when writing.

The final word

Being a blogger must be from the heart, not with a destination solely to dig for money or follow trends. Because if you don’t have a heart or a liking to write, then being a blogger will feel heavy. So, make sure that this is your dream before concluding to plunge into a blogger. Keep it up!

Tips to Become a Successful and Quality Blogger



The more days the number of blogger activists seems to increase.

I see this in the Makassar blogger community where there are not a few new members. If only here, the young people should get as much as this with other cities.

The purpose of people blogging is various. There are those who write their daily stories like diary books, there are those that make it a gallery to save their works, there are those who like to share cool tutorials, there are those who seriously explore additional income, and some who want to increase popularity.

All the arguments above are not wrong. Unfortunately, there are still not a few bloggers who are inconsistent in fostering their blogs. Though to be a cool blogger is not easy, because you have to listen to the following:

  1. Find the Right Topic

In creating a blog, try not to make a little topic. Even though your blog is a hodgepodge blog, choose the main question that reflects you or what you like. If you want to add another item as a variation, you can add one or two other issues related to the main problem. For example, the main topic is traveling, and other matters are diary and photography.

If your blog is a niche blog, congratulations! You only need to concentrate more on keeping your blog content more attractive. The advantage of managing a blog with a preferred topic is that you will never feel tired, bored, after all, lazy to write. You like to enjoy it and feel happy to be able to share stories and empirically with readers.

  1. Skills in Writing

After assessing the topic, start writing. A weighted content | weighted | quality and cooling can be witnessed from the translation of his writings that are easily understood, not too short and not too long. Every sentence in the article must be structured neatly like calm water flowing.

Try to compose sentences that should not be like someone who is in a hurry or redundant, you should not forget to listen to punctuation, avoid typos (typos), and the most important thing is to use a comfortable and readable article style that suits you best.

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  1. Make Interesting Content

Next, make exciting content. Make the material whose content is not merely limited to articles. Begin to insert sophisticated images that match the contents of your story for the unique passion of your blog readers. If you have other creativity, make a video that can truly reflect your account.

Don’t limit yourself to working on a blog. Everyone has the same opportunity, how come they want to learn and keep learning. Now there are not a few tutorials on the internet. Try practicing self-defense or with friends, or visit among your idol bloggers, see how he arranges the content. Who knows you can find inspiration.

  1. Refresh the Blog View

No matter how good the content that you have compiled will not be unique if your blog’s appearance is messy anyway empty. It is like, a blog is a home, and the content is the furniture, then the terrace is how it looks. If the house is good and the furniture is comprehensive, but from the outside, it seems like an uninhabited residence, sure and believes your readers will run away scared before entering

So you need to arrange the appearance of your blog so that it looks more sophisticated and professional, for example by adding widgets as needed, adding detailed information about the blog’s page, contact, sitemap, and others that are necessary, and arranging the content navigation menu so readers can know what just the topic of your writing.

  1. Learn SEO

For some bloggers, learning about the Engine Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that is difficult and feels unnecessary. Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong because in practice in the internet world there are not infrequently times there are evolution and addition of algorithms that can occur at any time.

That’s how you feel don’t feel if your ability is now more than good enough to manage content. Isn’t there no harm in learning your skills. Well, you can learn some simple SEO techniques on the website of Arlina Design, Mas Sugeng, or Kompi Ajaib.

  1. Do Promotions

As cool-cool as your blog and as good as your content, if no one knows, where there are people who know anyway visit your blog. So promote it. Don’t just expect them to come voluntarily. And the easiest and free promotion technique is through social media. Do not hesitate, you should not be shy, after all, prestige, do this if your blog is to be known by all people.

The final word

In managing a blog does not require a short time. It takes a lot of sacrifices if you want your blog to be successful. Run slowly but surely, and you shouldn’t be in a hurry. If you feel tired, take a break, then get up again with new motivation. Don’t be shy to learn new affairs that you have never learned before. Stay motivated and become a successful blogger.