About Me

I run mainly to transfer my blog experience in the field of internet business, marketing, and PR not as a classical manager but as a Giketa .

Blog readers will have the ability, based on the experience and thoughts that I have translated, to draw conclusions that are the relationship between theory and practice in the field of market and IT communication, but also from those daily activities.

How much blogging and blogging makes me famous, I can freely say that important life and professional stories are individual posts. I started in 2008 (which I almost returned with a new blog) as a test on business assignments and moved to my domain.

Participation in Regional Research How are you, blogger? # Blogometer15 and answering questions from the questionnaire seriously encouraged me to think: why don’t I write more often? And I’ve given myself two typical answers, actually without the justification argument: I don’t have time, I don’t have inspiration – that’s not true! And I just had a discussion on my blog at the last #BlogOpen on this topic. Time for p (re) turn 🙂 and for change. And have it!

Every third website in the world is a blog. Three out of four internet users regularly read blogs. Every day, almost 3,000,000 blog entries are posted. Five of the six internets “influents” are bloggers, and other bloggers make the most significant impact on them.

From 2012 to the present, the number of bloggers varies. Consider all available data – there are around 350 million to half a billion blogs in the world.

When you finish reading this article, more than 20,000 new blog posts will be posted!

The blogosphere of the former Yugoslavia has grown exponentially until 2008. At that time, he even counted 1,000,000 blogs. But about blogs in the region today we know less than before. Blogger, we don’t see how you are, and that’s important!

We don’t know what bloggers are fighting for, why they don’t write more often, do they feel safe about what they want, do they get support from friends and what they suffer (if they experience), we don’t know how many blogs, whether bloggers and bloggers are aware of their rights, how often their rights are threatened We know about bloggers and bloggers less than other social media. And until something goes wrong, we can’t even develop it. Until we know how we are, it is difficult for the blogosphere to advance to the level of the most important social media, which can become our blogosphere!