Here are 6 Reasons Why Your Website is Empty of Visitors


Entering the digital era as it is now, many people have begun to use the website as a promotional medium to attract customers.

Starting with mushroom, the website in the middle of the community itself is certainly able to provide a variety of opportunities & benefits that were previously rare or even difficult to obtain.

Apart from that, unfortunately, not everyone can successfully implement a website as a marketing method. One of them is due to the absence of organic visitors. The lack of traffic on the number of visits to a website is usually motivated by several reasons. For example, such as lack of quality content, server performance is less than optimal, even in the absence of a good management strategy.

Now, so that your website can be free from the curse of empty visitors, in this article, the Team will discuss 6 reasons why your website is empty of visitors. Curious as to what’s the discussion? Come on, let’s watch together

6 Reasons Why Your Website is Lack of Visitors

There are various reasons behind the lack of traffic to a website. Here are 6 points that we think are most relevant and can still be applied by lay users.

1) SEO Optimization Has Not Been Done

SEO optimization does not always have to use god-level techniques. If you are still at the beginner level for business website management, you can start with simple steps like registering a website in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Linking a website to Search Console is very important and should be done right after the website is online. Because Google Search Console can help monitor the performance of our site in the long run. Also, armed with data from Search Console, you can also do keyword optimization, review incoming backlinks, and compare the number of impressions on each keyword.

If your website has a blog page with articles that are regularly updated, then you must be familiar with the console because each article publish must be submitted so that Google can index quickly.

2) Don’t Have Unique and Useful Content

Quality of content is a major factor that can make visitors feel at home for long while continuing to return to the website that we manage. So, if your website doesn’t have many visitors to date, it may be that the content you uploaded is of little use or that not many people need it.

The solution, you can explore more article ideas that are fresher and useful for potential customers. If it’s still difficult, try to discuss with the people closest to you so that your insights develop.

3) Not Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Website appearance is the first impression that will determine how comfortable visitors access your website. While in the era of increasingly rapid technological developments such as mobile devices, now seems to have become a primary item used by everyone.

So, if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, visitors will see websites with irregular or disheveled appearance. You do not want to experience this.

4) Servers Are Often Down

The second reason why your website is still empty is usually due to server-side problems that are often down. In addition to inhibiting penetration into content, as a result of web servers that are often down, this will also affect search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex.

Therefore, always do maintenance regularly to check the performance of the hosting that you use. If indeed hosting at this time is deemed not good, it should immediately move to another Indonesian hosting service that is far more credible and reliable.

We at always pay attention to server reliability points that are distributed to each client. Because once experienced a fatal error, the impact of the loss is very large.

5) Incorrectly Determining Competition Targets

No doubt, targets are the basic points that can determine the success of a business plan. Similarly, by building a website, you certainly have to have a road map of research results using various SEO tools.

Competing on keywords that are searched for is not easy, so you have to be smart in sorting which keywords to target. For websites that still don’t have a lot of visitors, try starting with 4-5 words long-tail keywords. After successfully mastering the first page, then slowly move to higher competition.