How to Make Money from a Travel Blog


On the internet today, you can find various blogs.

You are starting from lifestyle blogs to travel blogs. In addition, blogs today are not just someone’s diary in the online world. You can also get people from writing a blog.

Surely many of you have read travel blogs. Maybe you think how these travel bloggers can travel to various locations in one year and only get income from their blogs? Do travel bloggers get that much money so they can go for a walk almost every day? Well, in this article, we will discuss how you can get money from travel blogs.

Each travel blogger has a different way of getting income. The blogging industry itself does not have a uniform way of working. Every blogger has a way to make money. Usually, bloggers see the skills they can offer to readers.

Ways to Make Money from a Travel Blog

Before we start discussing ways, there is one piece of advice that is always given by full-time bloggers to people who are just starting to monetize their blogs:

Do not expect you will immediately get a large income. Blogging requires time and patience to be successful.

1) Become a Freelance Writer

As mentioned above, to make money from blogs, you must look for any of the skills that you can offer to readers. Most bloggers certainly have writing skills. Therefore, a freelance writer is a job that you can do to support your travel blog.

Most travel bloggers write for online publications, and you will get paid for each of your writing. Also, if you have your own travel blog, publications will be more interested in choosing you as their freelance writer because you have your own audience and can help promote these publications.

By writing for other publications, you can also build your portfolio. This can help you to get paid more with your audience and portfolio reach as consideration.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer who focuses on the topic of traveling, you can use Lonely Planet Pathfinder to start and find an audience for your blog.

Advertising on Your Blog

2) Advertising on Your Blog

You must have seen the ads on the blog, right? Well, advertising on a blog is one-way travel bloggers get income. Before you put advertising on your blog, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

If you want to start placing ads on your blog, you must have a self-hosted website. If you create a free blog on, you can’t install ads unless you use their internal AdWords system. So it’s a good idea to make your own WordPress website.

One of the tools that you can use to install ads on your blog is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, you can earn money without you having to bother choosing what ads you want to install. AdSense works by utilizing targeted advertising in the form of text, images, videos, and interactive advertisements related to your blog content.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to get passive income that is widely used by bloggers. Indeed, to get income from affiliate marketing, you need website traffic and a blog audience that believes in you.

If you are confused about what form of affiliate marketing, maybe when reading a blog, you’ve seen links that are included by blog authors when recommending something. Usually, the link is an affiliate link, and the blogger will get a commission. To increase the confidence of your audience, you should only recommend products or services that you use, like, and indeed trust.