7 CMS That You Can Try And Very Cool Like WordPress



WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is very often used on each website in many parts of the world. A very famous example is the BBC, Sony Music, until the Play Station Blog.

Can be mentioned at this time WordPress has got a location in the heart of all site users who want to expand their business into the online domain. So that it becomes among the sophisticated CMS that is very popular and not used a little.

Well, even though WordPress is chosen as a CMS Engine that is very popular in the world, it does not mean that there are no other options that you cannot use if you say you want to try new and anti-stream business.

Because besides WordPress, there are also some CMS that are no less cool. Yes, in this article I will discuss 7 CMS that are no less unique and are not used by all site owners in all the world. The following are five sophisticated CMS that you must try if you want to be different!

  1. Squarespace

A sophisticated CMS that is not inferior to the first WordPress is Squarespace. This CMS designed by Anthony Casalena is a web site designer integrated SaaS-based content management system, blog platform, and hosting services. This system allows ordinary users and companies to create and manage their and blogs. This service is in bundle format, not separate.

The features submitted by the CMS are so many that they can make it easier for you to build an attractive and ideal website. Websites that you can make using CMS help are e-commerce, blogs, company profiles, and portals. But it needs to be known, to be able to use the features contained in this CMS, you must pay a subscription fee.

  1. Drupal

Next is Drupal. This DMS Buytaert CMS is an easy-to-disclose free tool for content management systems distributed under the GPL license where development and maintenance are carried out by thousands of user and developer communities in all the world. Not without a reason why Drupal is the first choice besides WordPress.

Already for a long time, Drupal has not been chosen as a content management machine by many large-scale New York Observer companies, Popular Science, MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, and others. The advantages of Drupal lie in the comfort and reliability of a digital framework that can be relied upon and will make it easier for you to organize your website.

  1. Joomla!

Advanced CMS that is not inferior to WordPress is Joomla !. Yes, Joomla! Is a free and disclosed content management system written using PHP and MySQL database for needs on the internet or intranet. Joomla was first launched with version 1.0.0 in 2005. Until now, Joomla! It has many features, including a caching system for performance enhancements, RSS, blogs, polls, and other advanced features.

Well, everyone who is close to the world of blogging knows or at least has heard that Joomla! Is one of WordPress’s biggest rivals to date. There are more than 7,000 Joomla! Extensions. Which is actively developed and continues to be used. We can pursue extensions for almost all matters, and there are not a few themes to choose from. It’s just that, the majority of support features in Joomla! Premium alias paid status.

  1. Weebly

Then there is Weebly which is a means to create a free website. Using the form of a widget, it allows the user to create pages with only some clicks, to drag, and to drop page elements that are opposite to the page and fill the content. Weebly, founded by three people, namely David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Veltri, is a SaaS-based CSMS that is very suitable for use on business or startup sites.

The features provided by this CMS range from SEO, GA (Google Analytic), to frameworks that are very easy to customize and manage. Also, Weebly also has hundreds of apps or plugins that can help you design your site to become more professional.

  1. SilverStripe

Advanced CMS that is not less interesting than WordPress is Silverstripe. SilverStripe is a free CMS system and is revealed to create and manage web websites and web software. This CMS provides a web-based administration panel that allows users to work on modifications to parts of web websites that summarize web site editors.

WordPress seems to be a mecca for developers to trigger rival CMS. SilverStripe has no similarity to WordPress but is more suitable for content management than blogging. SilverStripe is still growing, and the people behind this CMS are called expanding language support for unique users.

  1. Wix

Next is Wix. Yes, Wix or is a platform for creating and developing cloud-based sites that allow users to create HTML5 websites with drag and drop techniques. Interesting right? This CMS is a CMS that is very easy to use, and its specialty is HTML5 websites that are search engine friendly.

The feature is not less comprehensive than WordPress with thousands of professional templates that you can choose from. Also, Wix also has a free hosting feature for websites that have been created, so we don’t have to worry about hosting problems.

  1. Concrete 5

Concrete 5 is an open-source content management system for publishing content on the World Wide Web and the internet. Concrete 5 is designed to make it easier for lay users who have minimal skills and abilities. This CMS allows users to edit website content directly from the page.

This CMS has a reasonably unique and simple concept as a WordPress choice. Because it doesn’t use a complicated admin panel, but Concrete 5 presents all the content management needs on the front page. More than limited to CMS, but also useful as a framework like Symfony or LaRavel, to the extent that you can adjust the CMS to suit your needs.


5 Things That Make You Not Suitable to Become a Blogger



Since the internet era began to develop, all access to information began to be easily obtained.

Not only looking for information, but we can also share information on the internet. With the blog, almost everyone

can now easily have a personal blog or website. Enough to fill in the data yourself and enter an email, then be a blog account and you have become a blogger.

Being a famous blogger must be the dream of not a few people. Not only you, but I also want to be like that. But to achieve this, it is not an easy thing if we imagine like turning your palm. Take a look at some of your blog masters who know, to build their blog takes a long time even for years, not just 1 or 2 months.

But it needs to be considered, to be able to become a blogger don’t just pursue the matter of truth. To become a blogger, you need to know some essential things. How do you achieve it? Get it first, and need not until you have these characteristics:

Your Signs Are Not Suitable For Bloggers

  1. Like Copy Paste

It might get out of the ordinary, but if you still don’t do techniques like this, it’s better to stop blogging. Using a method like this is relatively practical for fulfilling blog content so that it looks fuller. But this does not ensure the quality of your blog. Maybe your reader may not be a little bit in the search index your blog is in danger of being banned sooner or later.

It’s hard to create content that is original to your mind. Even if it looks normal, who knows not a few who like your style or writing. Believe each copy has its readers, so you can’t stop working to become a blogger.

  1. Originally Take Content

This is just as bad as copy paste, so many bloggers often like to take content from the internet without embedding credit or the source which ultimately is assumed that the content is genuine. For example, photos, maybe you have not heard a few cases between two parties who demand copyright.

As a blogger, of course, you must have ethics not only to write but also to use other media. Include a clear source where this media is obtained even though there is an internet still included. This is an award format for people who have the media.

But even better, if you have your media for your blog. This is what will add to the quality and identity of your blog for readers who come.

  1. Blogging For Money

There is no harm in monetizing a blog, yet who doesn’t need extra income after all from a blog that can be your hobby in writing. Now what’s wrong here is if from the beginning the intention was blogging for money. Not many bloggers are hunting Adsense, justifying any technique to break through Adsense classified as copy-paste and claim here and there.

Blogging is more exciting if the purpose is to share information, teach writing skills, and improve blogger friends both in the community or person. Even if your blog becomes familiar and turns into an income field, it is a bonus from your business. The main thing is working first, earning later.

  1. Follow the trend

The beginning of blogging is often because you are amazed by someone’s blog and want to try the same thing, it is natural. But what happens when blogging solely because of following the latest trends. Not much, right now, not a few people say bloggers but are asked about their blogs, they don’t know. Asked about the contents of the content did not understand.

Well if you are classified as a blogger like this, try to change your direction. Your intention is just the wrong step. Blogging is not a contemporary issue or a trending topic only, but how to compile your passion with a blog and become a professional blogger.

  1. Rarely Update Articles

How does it feel if you live in a luxurious and large living location but the atmosphere is dark and quiet, it must be boring right? This is the same as a blog if the blogger has started to update posts, of course rarely, the visitors will go down. So, as a blogger, you must regularly update articles.

It doesn’t need much, it’s pretty once a week post and of course the original article, of course, your visitors will never be bored coming to your house. The point is that you should never be lazy or leave your blog. A good blogger is a blogger who often presents something new on his blog.

The final word

If you find a hunch above in your activities as a blogger, you should practice writing different writings on the blog. It does not take long, the contents are urgent. Try to occasionally share your book on social media and don’t forget to work on blog walking on your friends’ blogs.


5 Reasons Why Bloggers Often Stop Blogging Or Making Articles



The days of blogger popularity are increasingly crowded in the internet world.

This can be seen by the many blogger communities that have begun to grow. Now, blogging activities have become a new hobby for some people. There are those that make it a daily list, and some are serious about it as a side activity.

Whatever it is, everything is fine as long as it’s useful, why not? But some time ago, I met one of the bloggers. We tell you not a little about the world of blogging that began to hit among the people. He wrote that not a few people would feel bored with blogger work.

It might sound surprising. When the bloggers start their work and show their existence again, there will be a situation where some bloggers will start saturating blogging, and finally, they choose and make a decision to stop halfway.When I want to find out the arguments behind this curiosity. Finally, I chased the 5 Reasons Bloggers Stop Blogging from many discussions with fellow bloggers.

  1. The goal is the only money

It seems like it’s no longer a secret if not a few bloggers stop blogging because the goal is merely to dig for money. These like oriented people are mostly bloggers who want to earn income in an instant. They are sedated that slamming the bones will undoubtedly bring success, even so with blogging.

It is true that there is nothing wrong when looking for money on a blog, but it should not make the business the primary foundation for blogging. Make it an appreciation for your hard work while building a blog. From now on change the destination in a meaningful direction. For example telling your experience, creating tutorials, or other matters that make you comfortable blogging.

  1. Inpatient

This has something to do with the first point but in a different context. Many bloggers who want to be famous and earn big in the days or two after becoming a blogger. Most of them think that after becoming bloggers, their names will be trending in cyberspace. This is an assumption that is genuinely wrong.

Someone will never become famous or become a millionaire solely in short periods. It takes diligent processes and effort to mention reliable bloggers. And all that must be passed with patience and hard work.

  1. Lack of Ideas

The lack of ideas for a blogger can be dominantly bad for the performance of his blog. Because of the limitations of this idea not a few of them are more often not to take the writings belonging to different people and then post them home on their blog. For those who adhere to this notion, you could say they don’t stop blogging but believe that they have stopped working.

  1. Not consistent

A blogger must have a clear goal in blogging. Because without purpose, automatically bloggers also cannot concentrate on fostering their blogs to cause inconsistencies in recording blogs. For that, before really starting to enter the world of blogging. Set one of your goals for what writing then focus and develop.

  1. Only Share the Event

In many moments, it turns out that there are bloggers who create blogs only to fill in an invitation for a particular event. This is not a problem because many brands now like to hook bloggers as partners or coworkers when introducing their newest products.

But the most unfortunate thing is that when such bloggers have not found an invitation again, the end is they choose to stop blogging and move attention to things that can make them happy.

The final word

Those are some of the arguments on which many bloggers have now decided to stop blogging. If anyone feels touched by the above acknowledgment, I aspire to remain a cool blogger. If there are different things, you want to add, please write down below.