Understanding Jingling and Its Impact on The Development of Your Blog


The number of visits is indeed one of the most dominant affairs of site ranking and growth. Of course, the bigger the visitors, the better the prospects of the website. This later became a proposition for all bloggers to expect their sites to have the most number of visitors.

Not only gives a positive effect on website ranking, but the size of the visit also serves to increase the site’s revenue. In essence, the greater the number of visitors to the web, it also provides not a few benefits for the website both in ranking and income.

But like what is known to get large-scale website traffic is not as easy as thought, because a website must have not a little quality and exciting content: the number can be thousands to tens of thousands of articles. Not to mention listening to the quality of SEO, Backlinks, and so on. This means that a site needs the most prolonged struggle to find the number of visits on a large scale.

Seeing website traffic is among the most important things for the development of blogs, finally not a few bloggers who want to increase their website visitors, but quickly and instantly so they can get income in the fast times as well.

Increasing visitors in short and instant times can indeed be done because there is much successful software created to increase unlimited website traffic. But unfortunately, this technique is included as among the fraudulent actions and has the potential to find sanctions from Google. Software to increase the amount of traffic is often referred to as jingling. Therefore, it is better to understand Jingling and its impact on the site.

Understanding Jingling – What is Jingling?

Jingling was picked up from Chinese, which, in other words, was “jingling.” The word jingling is often used to refer to the sound of falling metal money. But in the world of blogging, the word jingling is digested as one technique to cause visitors that are not small in certain periods, often relatively short. Jingling does not generate organic (human) real traffic but instead brings bot visits (robots) using the system.

The term jingling was first introduced in the world of blogs in 2008, as among web visitor’s auto software from China. You can visit the official jingling software website at Spiritsoft, and Ipts for the English version. Although it is known as Jingling, it seems that this software is even known as “Software traffic spirit” in the world.

And the main benefit of jingling is to manipulate visitors, created by the technique of collecting IP addresses from many countries. The collected IP address is the end used by Jingling software to be a fake web visitor.

Google itself does not allow bloggers to use the technique to increase visits instantly, because Google classifies these actions as among the Black Hat SEO techniques, which can be said to be the most banned by not a few search engines belonging to Google. And often sites that are detected using fraudulent techniques will find sanctions from search engines in the form of being released from the search engine index to the extent that your website will not appear on search engines even though you have typed in specific keywords.

Negative Impacts of Using Jingling

Even though you can use Jingling to add traffic instantly and of course it’s free. But it has been known that the visits obtained by Jingling are not genuine people but instead are a bot (robot). It interprets even though it has large amounts of traffic, but when there is no ongoing interaction from visitors. Suppose there are no comments, there is no reaction to content, and so on, the search engines will suspect that the visitor is spamming.
Using cheating techniques, there must be negative consequences that will be caused. And this is the negative impact of wearing jingling.